Fri, 28 November 2014
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Chip Smith, A Leading financial Market Analyst from Sentiment-Trader says the last few months many p

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on 27 November 2014 16:04:26

Lawn Care Lawn companies have variety of services that you can choose from according to your needs.

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iTAG Beacon Technologies is releasing the first location-based iBeacon and Mobile App Solution for business
on 27 November 2014 15:46:38

iTAG Beacon Technologies (, the leading provider of mobile marketing plat


Wed, 07 March 2012 06:29:48

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A lot of people within our modern society enjoy having a card night with their friends. Some people do not realize that there are certain guidelines to follow when having a poker game night that is not going to offend anybody. Anybody that is considering participating in such a gathering, might want to strongly consider reading this article to learn much more. 

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There is one very important rule that can make the environment a much more appropriate one. This is to never gamble, at least never gamble using money or other valuables. This is because some people might not enjoy the game if they are more concerned with losing money or other valuables. The purpose of card night is to socialize with friends, not to make any type of profit.  Many years ago the game of poker was introduced to the world, since this has happened, many people have come up with a wide variety of variations.

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The host might be tempted to solely determine that version of cards that will be played at his or her house. Please consider that the best hosts, will always consult very carefully with his or her guests.  Be sure that everybody on the guest list brings something that will make the night more enjoyable. The host alone should never be left to pay for everything. One guests could easily bring beer or other types of drinks, while another could bring cigars. There might be guests that could easily bring a bag or two of snacks for the entire group to enjoy.  A lot of people that want to impress their friends through a healthy winning streak, do so by paying careful attention to their card holding face. Always remember, that it doesn't matter what hand you really have because tricking the other players is the idea here. The fact of the matter is, that most people do not care to play cards with a person that has a predictable face.  When determining who is going to be actually hosting the gathering, it is very important to select a host who's family or room mates are not going to mind hosting the card night. Remember that the person who desires to host the gathering, is not always the only person living within the house where the gathering will be hosted. Being polite to all of reside at the home is what makes a true guest.  Since a card night like this is typically taking place between very close friends, it is never a good idea to cheat. Remember that just because money or poker chips are not at stake, does not make an act of cheating any more acceptable. The only thing that cheating will do is make a person look dishonest to his or her friends. The friends are likely to not want to play with a person that cheats either.  If followed correctly, these guidelines could very well make poker game night, a much better night. There are more in-depth guidelines that might apply to certain circles, and these can be easily found through additional web research.

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Always remembering that insuring everybody's good time is the most important rule of any card night!


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